Online Dating: The Way for Generation Y

Read in this article about the way for generation Y of online dating.

In the recent times we have seen a colossal increase in online dating as a new trend, without limiting itself to geographical boundaries. With the trend towards going online, it has fast captured people’s heart. Online dating allows individuals, couples and even groups to contact and communicate over the Internet. Now are there any fixed dating tips which one should follow to have a perfect date!!! What is the basic point behind dating? It is practiced usually with the objective of developing a personal, romantic, or a more intimate relationship. This trend has nurtured and developed the idea of blind date.  Lately blind date has been the talk of the town and attracts the youngsters for its uncertain and adventurous nature. There is also fear attached to it that makes it more alluring for the generation Y.

Here are some dating tips for the prospective friends and lovebirds.

  • Go slow about the entire thing. Give yourself some time researching and if you are a novice regarding dating sites then go for a reputed one. It’s better to sign up anonymously and get a hang of the site before plunging too deep.
  • This place of online dating is somewhere you should let your instincts do the search for you. Out of the world profiles are likely to be indeed so. Be aware of that situation.
  • Play it safe should be your motto all the time. Think before giving all your personal details in your profile. Don’t let people know everything about you.
  • In the virtual world its best to use common sense. Everything you want to do, think about it and then do it.
  • In case you are thinking about going out on a blind date with someone make sure to know about him/her adequately. You need to talk over the phone to understand the person. The more the better.
  • Don’t be too eager to meet or reluctant doing it. It might give a confusing signal. Just when you feel the right time think about meeting up do it.
  • Now if it is a blind date and also the 1st meeting then you should be careful about your confidence and attitude. A good mannered person is a winner anywhere so try to win over your partner with it.

Hope these dating tips will help you next time you are up for an adventure.

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  • zigg3ns:

    It seems like some asian families still pratice that tradition. I asked some why they still do that and they say it’s because their son cannot get a woman to be their wife on their own or their daughter couldn’t get a husband on her own. Most of them travel back to their native countries to marry their significant chosen other. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and there are a lot of Vietnamese people here so I don’t understand why some can’t get a significant other here. But sadly all of their arranged marriages are more succesful than our love marriages. My brother is divorced.

  • Jonathan:

    does anyone know of any good free websites for tracing a family tree?

  • balinderk2000:

    The common convention in the new generation, with the advent of stupid online social networking websites and the reluctance of women to meet guys without “referrals”, seems to be to meet members of the opposite sex through your group of friends.

    What is it about our generation that makes us so reluctant to meet and get to know strange people? What’s so wrong with that? Our ancestors used to travel across violent seas, and break their necks for discovering something new, and our generation is afraid of getting to know a stranger?

    I don’t get it and I think it’s a shame because it really limits the amount of members of the opposite sex you get to meet and date. How are you supposed to find the “right one” if your personal life is confined to the people that your friends know?

    Any thoughts, comments? Anybody agree/disagree?
    Comment on ‘Libby’s post: Yea you’re right Libby. Meeting someone online IS better. That way, there’s absolutely no mystique, no excitement of meeting a new person and gradually getting to know them. How is that “awkward?”. Two people who are attracted to each other, playing out the natural stages of courtship. You think that’s “awkward and weird?” That’s the problem with people like you, who are contributing to the death of dating, shivalry, romance. The whole BEAUTY of meeting a stranger and hittin it off is that it’s spontaneous, un-planned, and exciting, cause you never know what to expect, where as online dating is pre-meditated, generic, lazy, and lame

  • Matthew S:

    I once read a book a while back and I can’t remember the name or author so I can’t look it up to read it again. Can someone please help me find this book again? Here is roughly how the plot goes and some details about the story. There are two communities: a rich one that is surrounded by a poor one living in the outskirts around the rich one. In the rich one, there are genetically modified children that are basically categorized into generations a, b, c, and so on. The latest one, which I believe (not sure at all) was either gen x or gen y, was supposed to be the best with absolutely no flaws. The main character in the rich city is a genetically enhanced boy of the latest generation. He is absolutely flawless. His room changed color depending on his mood too. I think his name was Michael but I’m probably wrong. Anyways, his adopted father is one the of the head scientist that developed each generation. One day, this boy discovers a crack on a face, a gigantic shock because this generation was supposed to be flawless. He quickly hides it. There’s a scene where he goes into some sort of 3D online dating site and he meets a girl in his same generation. They apparently chat for a while and then all of a sudden, the girl freaks out and shows him how she’s flawed with a crack too. Soon, it was discovered that the latest generation of kids were indeed flawed. Now in the poor city, the main character is a girl. I think she has a brother and a sick mother. They barely get by and the mother gets more and more sick. Soon she needs medicine. I don’t really remember much about the girl’s story. I think there were machines sent to fight the poor communities. I think they were called reapers and the girl almost gets killed by one. Anyway back to the boy’s story, after discovering that the latest generation were indeed flawed, they had to be terminated. Some sort of gathering was made where all the latest generation of modified children would come together and then be blown up by a bomb. This explosion was then supposed to be blamed on the poor community who were in the town at the time. I don’t remember the event for the modified children but the event for the poor was giving human eggs for money. Because the poor the girl needed money, she decided to go into the rich town and trade her eggs for money since she could ovulate. The events play out. A bomb goes off and there’s great confusion. The girl’s brother gets hurt somehow but the other boy finds him. The boy then grab’s the girl’s brother and they meet up with the girl. That’s all that I remember. If someone could speculate or give any sort of idea on the name or author of this book I would love them.
    Please help me find this book!!

  • lildevilgurl152004:

    hey what do you people think of my speech about the youth are the future…. i’m not finished yet so please feel free to give opinions on what i should add in or take out to make it better…

    The youth today spend the majority of their lives online, Texting and on social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter lacking the ability to hold a single conversation. Most of today’s youth are so obsessed and absorbed in this social media bubble they no longer understand what it means to play outside. Everyone during their youth was told they were going to be the future but with the future evolving with things such as technology the youth is also evolving which can be a good and bad thing. The youth pay so much attention to what’s going on in the social media world they don’t know what’s going on in the outside world. They are completely unaware of financial worries in the world, some don’t even know who the current president is. All they want to know is where their favourite celebrity is, what they are wearing and who they are dating. Celebrities affect the way children act and think. They influence how they dress, if they see their favourite celebrity wearing an expensive dress they persuade the parents to pay A LOT of money to buy the one item of clothing to look just like their favourite celebrities or maybe they see a celebrity wearing an outfit that shows of a lot of skin and they want to the exact same thing which is not a good thing it makes them look too old for their age. Celebrities are always pressured to look their best at all times which can lead to celebrities become bulimic or depressed from being in the spotlight all the time and children see celebrities suffering with these diseases and therefore they feel like it is ok to become bulimic and depressed which it’s NOT! But until these celebrities confront these diseases or come public with them children and teenagers will keep doing the same as the celebrities are doing. Only some celebrities have come public with their problems such as Demi Lovato who is a teen celebrity who recently came public with her eating disorder, she also came forward to say she use to self-harm because of her issues with weight and bullying. She decided the right thing to do was to go in to rehab to recover not only for her but for her young fans who looked up to her for inspiration, This was good for her young fans to see how to confront and resolve these issues.
    With the pressures put on the youth by their peers to drink alcohol, to use drugs and to smoke, It can affect teenager’s state of mind and their education. When teenagers drink and use drugs they tend to not do as well in school as people who don’t not just because the alcohol and drugs are affecting their mind frame but because they tend not to care anymore. A recent survey showed that 27% of illicit drug users (18-24) were school drop outs, 41% of binge drinkers (18-24) were drop outs and believe it or not 54% of addicted smokers were drop outs which is a huge amount.
    Previous generations have been called generation x and y but the generation of the future is known as generation z. The French magazine “Marie Claire “published an article in 2010 stating that “children of today will be hopelessly unprepared for adult life.” It then went on about how children today live In a very different world full of technology and how generation y (our parents) feel that our upbringing with so much technology, with everything already being done for us and the peer pressure we are under is already have a bad effect on the youth. If they feel that way now who knows what the future holds for the young people of today.

    With all the T.V. and movies young people watch their vocabulary is influenced immensely by the things they watch, there are many T.V. shows that have a bad message in in them. Demi Lovato who I mentioned before came out in 2011 just after she broke the silence about her eating disorder slammed her former bosses Disney tweeting about the show shake it up in all capital letters “Dear Disney Eating Disorders are nothing to joke about” since that tweet the episode of shake it up that made a joke about a thin model not eating has been banned from airing on Disney channel to stop a bad message from being sent to young fans.

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